Advent Reflection Day 18

17th of December


As we are in the third week of Advent we ask God to help us experience the joy that comes from expectation and longing to knowing our Lord’s coming to us is near.

In these precious days ahead, we are praying, longing, hoping in the background of our everyday lives.

His mission is to the poor, the broken-hearted, prisoners and captives. His mission is for us. It is ‘Good News’ full of healing, liberty and release.

We can rejoice today as we imagine the freedom He has won for us and how liberating it will be to live it, with Him, for others. It is right to give our God thanks and praise.

As from Wednesday we begin the ‘O Antiphons’ the sequence progresses historically, from the beginning, before creation, to the very gates of Bethlehem. They form the Alleluia verse from Wednesday the 17th to the 24th Christmas Eve.o wisdom


o wisdom 2













o adonai 2

o adonai

o jesse

O jesse 2

o key-of-david


o key of david 2












o rising-sun

o Rising sun 2













o king-of-the-nations 2o king-of-the-nations


o emmanuel

o emmanuel 2















Let us pray

    Glory to God on high.
    For peace came on earth in the tenderest sound,
    Of a new-born baby's cry.
    For news of great joy came into the world.
    In a humble manger with a baby’s birth.

    Lord, we thank you for this.
    This greatest blessing of your love.
    for the Word was made flesh,
    And dwelt among us as a helpless babe.
    on whose tiny form rested the destiny of the world.



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