Perpetual Profession of Sister Vilma Diaz.

Vilma's Profession

On Sunday 17th April 2016 there was a joyful gathering the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in El Salvador as Sister Vilma Diaz made her Perpetual Profession as a Sister of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the presence of Monsignor Jose Elias Gutierrez, sisters of the Congregation, her family and many friends.

 Sister Vilma met the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts when she went to a vocation meeting.
She attended the meeting because she was drawn to the name of the Sacred Heart in the title of the Congregation. For Vilma the Sacred Heart meant love and compassion and this was what drew her    to our Congregation.

When I started reading and writing I enjoyed writing ‘God is Love’ everywhere. I used to ask ‘God what do you want of me?’ said Vilma. ‘In my childhood I found this friend, God, who closes windows and opens doors. The image I had of God is one of a father and mother, a merciful and loving God. A God of Life.’

‘Now, as I come to the moment of my Consecration I know God has always been with me and He will be there to support me in the future. When I think about all of this I just want to do one thing – to respond to that love that is burning within me.’

Sister Vilma is a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, and together with Sister Dayssi Sanchez who is a Nurse, they will be using their gifts to help improve the lives of the poorest people who would not be able to afford these services. Sisters Vilma and Dayssi are based in Sacred Heart Parish, Mariona, San Salvador.

Sr Vilma and Sr. Mary

Vilma Diaz making her perpetual profession with Sister Mary Mangan, Congregational Leader of the
Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary


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