4th of December 2014

Now that we are once more beginning a new year of faith, it is perhaps a good time to think back to the beginning of things as we read:

sea & birds 5

    “God blessed them and said to them to be fruitful and fill the earth and subdue it, and you will rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens and all living things that swarm upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)


Unfortunately humankind has interpreted this to mean that we are not part of the community of creation, but overlords who are entitled to use and abuse the universe and all it contains without a thought for our responsibility of care and concern.

The rabbis feared this outcome, although they could hardly have realised the extent of the disaster to which our “subduing” would lead. They gave an interpretation that clearly underlined our responsibility to relate to the rest of creation with humility.

ceation 5

    “When the Holy One created the first people he led them round all the Garden of Eden and said, ‘Look at my works! How beautiful and praiseworthy they are! Everything I made I created for you! Be careful though that you don’t spoil or destroy my world, because if you do there’s nobody after you to fix it.”



The 11th century philosopher Jonah of Saragossa cautions us,

“People are held responsible for everything they receive in the world because nothing belongs to them, everything is the Lord’s and whatever we have we received on credit.”

The behaviour of humankind to the rest of creation has certainly led to uncountable death and destruction and at this time of Advent we can acknowledge this, but also be true to our call to give prophetic witness to the church and world by our positive attitude, refusing to believe that there is nothing to be done. Indeed the works of the Lord are “beautiful and praiseworthy,” 3 simple suggestions are the following:

1. Each day and night we could take a moment to enjoy and praise something of God’s that he has brought to our attention.

2. We could put into practice something from the Congregation’s Eco Policy.

3  We could find out more and possibly involve ourselves more inaction to honour and heal creation.

 Finally I wish you and creation a healthy and happy Advent and Christmas.

Much love and prayer.

recycle 5


Who am I? According to legend my patron saint obviously came from a dysfunctional family. Perhaps this contributed to my interest in JPIC, “darling!


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