Advent Reflection Day 4

Wednesday 3rd of December


Advent to this part of the world is understood as a time of preparation. The symbol most used to help to explain this period is how people take time, work very hard and do all the best they could in preparation when they will have visitors even more especially if it would be the In - Laws. And so as we try our best to prepare when we have Visitors at a physical level, advent challenges to think of how much time we give to nurture our spiritual life. This special time reminds us of how much we appreciate the love of God which he showed to us when he sent his Son to become one of us. How much more would I prepare for my king, the author of my life?


african women 4


Advent in Zambia comes after the hot season just at the beginning of the rainy season. During the hot season, it is very hot wherever you look there are no signs of life. The grass is dry and most trees have yellow lifeless leaves. Zambians  tend to burn the bush before the rains start and so all the small bushes and trees are burned. When the rains started, it was a bit late this year,  there was such a great difference. The new grass started to grow; the lifeless leaves began to drop giving chance to the new healthy leave to blossom.

frangipangi 4

I would like to relate this period in Zambia to the season of advent. It is a time of new beginnings. It is time to open our hearts to receive the new life that the Jesus wants to give us when he comes. The time of grace when we are given a chance to prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ who is more than any important Visitor who can visit us. Like the new grass growing, may we let the new life within us grow. May we let our old unhealthy yellow leaves drop and give way to new healthy green leaves to bloom. 

How I prepare will determine how much I appreciate the love God has for me when he sent his Son Jesus Christ. This helps me to celebrate Christmas well and with a meaning, the time when we celebrate the love of God for humanity. When the Word of God incarnate, became flesh and lived among us. Christ humbled himself to become one of us, our brother whom we can talk to and who could show us the way to the Father.

May the Lord help us to open our hearts so that we can receive the life, joy peace and love which the father is giving to us his children through his word made flesh our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 



Who is she?
Today one of our younger members, loved for her generosity
and sense of fun – she even has a little bit of an Irish brogue!!!
“Arragh sure, ba mama.”


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