Advent Reflection Day 17

December 16, 2014



Mark 10:48: The cry of the poor feels uncomfortable, unpleasant. Today there are millions who shout: migrants, prisoners, hungry people, sick people, those marginalised and oppressed, those unemployed, without wages, without a home, without a roof, without land, who never feel loved! Their shouts are silenced, in our homes, in the churches, in world organisations. Only those who open their eyes to what is happening in the world will listen to them. But there are many who have stopped listening. They got used to the situation. Others try to silence the cries, as they tried to silence the blind man from Jericho. But they cannot silence the cry of the poor. God listens to them (Ex 2:23-24; 3:7). God says: “You will not ill-treat widows or orphans; if you ill-treat them in any way and they make an appeal to me for help, I shall certainly hear their appeal!” (Ex 22:21).

The Young Sacred Heart Companions in the Philippines both in Cebu and Mindanao inspired by our Charism and Mission Statement are trying their best to share their time, talents and skills with and for the poor children by: teaching Sunday Catechism, praying the Rosary, feeding, visiting the sick in their homes, care for the mother earth through tree planting and others.

Every ‘Christmas Season’ they will conduct ‘Carolling’ as source of funds to be able to give ‘bundles of JOY’ for POOR/indigent families and children in the areas where we work and to support our Mission.

feed the poor 17

sshjm youth
feed the poor 2

Feeding poor children in Barrio Luz

feed the poor 3

    IS OUR FAITH LIFE AUDIO VISUAL? We pray that God’s Spirit continues to work among us as we
    celebrate CHRISTMAS 2014 in Giving Voice to the Cry of the Poor and Feeding them.


christmas eve 2

Misa de Gallo: A Set of Nine Masses before Christmas Eve in the Philippines

Are you an early morning riser?

Misa de Gallo in the a set of
(9)nine-consecutive early morning mass that starts on the 16th of December. The 4:00 AM Mass encourage parishioners to strengthen their belief on Christmas tradition, that became a part of Catholic Christian celebration in the Archipelago.

The Predawn Masses excite people in all walks of life, especially teenagers and children. As the roosters habitually crow as early as 3:00 AM, 
                    those interested to participate will rise 'sleepily' in order to listen to the Holy Eucharist.

The usual homily of the priest will start on the story of the blessed couple, Joseph and Mary; the latter conceiving the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the priest will also preach on other incidents from the Holy Bible that people should follow to receive redemption. The chilly breeze of December make the people crave those lessons, along with the heavenly voices of the church choir that keeps the priest's explanations alive.

And if that’s not enough; after hearing the mass,Puto-Bumbong there are lots of native foods; colourful rice cakes (puto bumbong-cake steamed on young bamboo pole and bibingka-another rice cake-with white cheese toppings baked on charcaol stove or stone oven) plus bibingkasteaming hot ginger ale to remove gas pains due to the cold  weather.



Note: The set of (9) nine consecutive predawn masses is a challenge to everyone to keep the faith and relive the main purpose of the celebration of Christmas.



A blessed Christmas 2014 to one and all


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