15th December


    Advent is a preparatory season, a season of looking forward and waiting for the glory that comes with the birth of Christ and his last coming.

    Three things are cardinal in this period:

african-woman-kneeling-prayerwoman kneelingkneeling-mankneeling woman

      1. Celebration of the anniversary of the Lord’s incarnation and coming among us. Though he is God he takes our human form in humility and lives among us as a brother and Lord to all. Like St. Paul says every knee should therefore bow before him (cf. Philippians 2, 6-11).


      2. To make our souls a fitting residence for our Lord. This requires a personal conversion and change of heart. Just imagine how we prepare when we are receiving important visitors! The menu changes, clothing is improved, the language at home is checked, the behaviour improves, the area is nicely cleaned. If only we could live everyday as if we are expecting visitors we could have been very effective. But alas when the visitor goes away we return to our old ways.

table laidnew clothes



    Mo day 163. Commemorating the incarnation of Christ and preparing ourselves to his coming and staying in our hearts brings us to the third aspect of advent. This is the final meeting of our Lord God, when we shall see him as He is. This is the final coming of Christ as judge and the end of the world. This calls us to live a life according to the demands of the gospel. This is why the Sunday Gospels of Advent are very fitting because they teach us that the Lord will not be interested in how much we studied or how much influence we had, but how much did we love our neighbour, our brother and our sister.  (cf. Matthew 25,31-46). Our good works will judge us


    Being a believer is not only about preaching well, speaking kind words, speaking of love and other
    things that only end up at the level of theory, but to walk the talk. This is what Christ reminds us even
    in Matthew 7,21.


waiting day 16Therefore let us remember to prepare well for the coming Christmas. Let not our preparation end with Christmas, but may this season make us better Christians too. With our lives and good works let us glorify Christ. Remember one day we shall surely stand before God to give account of our life on earth. This is what Christ means in the gospel of the first Sunday of advent when he says, “Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time will come. Watch therefore … lest he come suddenly and find you asleep. And what I say to you I say to all: Watch!”




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