Reflection Day 13

12th of December, feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Guadalupe e Juan Diego 13

Now that we have fully entered the Advent season it is good to give ourselves some time for silent contemplation and to allow ourselves to be surprised by this great mystery. The mystery of our God who has become small to be like us, who became fragile, who became human so as to be within our reach.

gun 13It is sad to think that so often what we ourselves need is to be human; in a world of violence, of abuse, of corruption and with so few values it appears that our hearts have gone cold. It is as if we have become accustomed to a climate of inhumanity and indifference. The climate is cold but what has happened to our hearts, have they gone cold as well? If the answer to the question is affirmative that in fact our hearts have gone cold, each one of us can respond in our own way, then Mary teaches us what we must do through following and bearing witness to her Son so that once again our hearts can be reignited with love;

    1. Like who Mary set out on the journey, go out to meet the other, the one in need. Like Mary when she appeared in Guadalupe in Mexico, she takes the initiative. She decides to go out to meet the other which in this case is to meet with a humble and marginalised people in the image of the indigenous indian Juan Diego. In the Gospel of today, Mary continues her example of setting out, of journeying to meet with a person in need; her cousin Elizabeth. And what is it that we need to do; to start out on the journey, to meet with someone who needs us?....

    Maria 132. To be with someone as Mary did, to console and feel the pain and suffering of others. Mary went to be with her cousin Elizabeth, we too have a duty to be with this crucified people; crucified by misery, hunger, poverty and corruption. Often we talk too much when only our presence is important, to be there, to cry with those who cry and laugh with those who laugh so that they can feel that they are not alone, that God is there with them, with the marginalised, with those who have no voice.

    3. To be messengers of the Good News: Mary is a carrier of the Good News, she carries Jesus in her womb, she is pregnant and she hurries, runs with the message of salvation, of love and of hope. And us?.... What about us?.... each one of us, like Mary, is also pregnant carrying in our being this same God that is the Good News for the people, especially the poorest of the poor. As consecrated people we cannot remain sitting and waiting for others to do the work for us. From the moment of our Baptism we also inherited this great news and at the same time became responsible making this Good News known in our wounded and crucified world.

The measure in which we are committed, unconditionally, to giving life to this message of salvation to others , in the same way we will be giving witness that Jesus will be born again and will come to reign over this world of slavery.

 would like to finish this little reflection with a poem on Christmas by Pedro Casaldáliga.

        Arise to be born with me poor child 13
        says the poet Neruda.
        Go down to be born with me
        says the God of Jesus.
        You have to be born again,
        brother Nicodemus
        and you have to be born arising from below.

            From hope to hope,
            from stable to stable,
            there is still Christmas.
            Confused by the winds of the dessert
            that doesn’t know from where it comes
            nor to where it goes.
            In pools of blood and greed poor family 13
            prohibited to live
            with dignity,
            only this Child can save us.

        From hope to hope,
        from stable to stable,
        from Christmas to Christmas.
        Always at night being born again, 

            “From the existencial periferies;”
            with the faith of Mary 
            and the silence of Joseph
            and the whole mystery of the Child,
            there is Christmas.

        With the poor of the earth,
        we confess that He has loved us to the utmost endday 13 giving
        to give us His own Son,
        God made Small in a total kenosis.
        And it´s Christmas.
        And it´s New Time.

            And the slogan is
            that everything is Grace,
            everything is Christmas,
            everything is Kingdom.



The presenter of this reflection has certainly imbibed the truths of Liberation Theology,
she has healing hands and a healing heart. Feliz Navidad!

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